The ceramic tabletop is resistant to temperature and chemical changes. One of its main advantages is increased scratch resistance. It is easy to clean, it is very hygienic, as it does not absorb liquids and does not emit harmful substances. Any dirt must be removed with a soft cloth and it is recommended not to use abrasive cleaners!
The table top has a reliable transformation mechanism, thanks to which you can easily and quickly turn it from 130 to 190 cm. There are additional 30 cm panels at the ends of the table.
The four-legged metal base is painted black. The legs look very neat, have an elongated shape and taper slightly to the floor.

Height – 76 cm;
Length – 130/190 cm;
Width – 90 cm
Tabletop – ceramic 5.5mm/+6mm tempered glass;
Legs – metal, black;
Choice of colors – there are;
Expand function – is available.

Pakuotės svoris: 95 kg


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