Coffee tables are stylish decor elements that combine practical benefits with aesthetic beauty. Usually, the coffee table is quite low, it is convenient to put a cup of coffee or tea, snacks and magazines on it.

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Kavos staliukas | LT009B


Konsolė | Simfonija

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Konsolė | Meridija

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Kavos staliukas | Meridija

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Kavos staliukas | Sajana Black

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Kavos staliukas | Ajaras

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Kavos staliukas | ML9050

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Kavos staliukas | Time Square

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Kavos staliukas | Time Square

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Kavos staliukas | Valerio

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Kavos staliukas | Klasika Kaunas

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Kavos staliukas | Dunojus

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Coffee table | Double bubble

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Coffee table | Venecia

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Coffee table set | Malta

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Coffee table | Faustas Small

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Coffee table | Faustas BIG

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Coffee table | Titanik Small

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Coffee table | Titanik BIG

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Coffee table set | Dustin Kaunas2


Coffee table set | Dustin Kaunas


Coffee table set | Volenta

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Coffee table set | Rixo

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Coffee table set | Vittorio

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Kavos staliukas | N883D Kaunas

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Coffee table | ML4450

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Coffee table | Agora


Classic and modern coffee tables complete the interior of the living room. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor or open type homes. A white glass coffee table or wooden versions of this furniture add elegance, while metal or darker coloured coffee tables with wheels can emphasize the industrial, coarser style typical of the city centre or loft-type apartments. Round wooden coffee tables are generally considered a symbol of luxury. If you want something functional and beautiful, choose tables that are transformers. Upon arrival, guests will be able to expand and serve more people.