The most interesting, exclusive and beautiful chairs for your living room, study or other premises can be found on the Sofaforma online store. Stylish, modern chairs beautifully complete the interior of any room and add to it the lack of cosiness.

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Baro kėdė | Čika

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Baro kėdė | Mija

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Valgomojo kėdė | Bolton

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Baro kėdė | Carmen

159 NEW

Kėdė | Auburn

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Baro Kėdė | X-Treme Sled

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Baro Kėdė | X-Treme Sled D

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Valgomojo kėdė | Lina

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Kėdė | Caracas

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Baro Kėdė | Caracas

299 NEW

Kėdė | Jay

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Kėdė | D436-01


Kėdė | Casa


Baro Kėdė | D400-024


Baro Kėdė | D440-024


Baro Kėdė | D697-424

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Baro kėdė | Molly

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Kėdė | Čika

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Chair | Buzuki

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Dining chair | Cayman 06

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Dining chair | Cayman 05

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Dining chair | Cayman 04

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Valgomojo kėdė | Cayman 03

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Valgomojo kėdė | Cayman 02

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Kėdė | Stefany Violet

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Kėdė | Auxtina

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Chair | 1303 S

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Chair | 1330 S

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Chair | 1344 S

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Half bar chair | Megan

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Kėdė | Mija

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Baro Kėdė | Stefany Kaunas

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Chair | Stefany Kaunas

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Dining chair | Dicte


Classic chairs can emphasize subtlety and sophistication, and slightly coarser metal living room chairs will fit in more modern, more urban-style homes. When choosing a chair and finding the best one, the most important thing is to evaluate the design and functionality of the chair. Some chairs are best suited as lounge furniture. They will be softer and will not want to rise from them. Other chairs may be more suitable for work and will help keep your back straight, will be mobile - on wheels. The third type of chairs - very beautiful, but a little less functional chairs. The latter model will certainly fit perfectly into the interior, but will not necessarily match the standard imagination of comfort. Chairs can be designed for living room, bar, work, as well as outdoor, terrace chairs. In the Sofaforma online shop, you will find chairs made of wood, metal, velour or other materials. Those looking for a chair that is plastic can also expect to find one.