Armchair - a guarantee of comfort in any living room. Having a comfortable armchair on your site can not only make you feel comfortable but also receive guests.

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Pufas – daiktadėžė | Sid

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Pufas – daiktadėžė | Shon

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Pouf | Tom

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Pouf | Jerry

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Pouf | Snoopy

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Pouf | Simba

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Pouf | Dino

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Armchair | Stewart

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Armchair | Sonnet

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Armchair | Romeo

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Pouf - bench | Otto

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Pouf - stool | Tacos

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Pouf | London


Set of ottomans | Cancun


Pouf Set | Aviko


Armchair | Leonardo

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Armchair | Tom

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Armchair | Felix

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Armchair | Ricky Vilnius

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Armchair | SF022

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Pouf | ST-410


Ottoman | Blossom

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Ottoman | Hermis


Ottoman | Pazzo 7


Ottoman | Pazzo 6


Armchair | 2870122

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Ottoman | Frenk


Ottoman | Kler


Upholstered chairs have already become an integral accent of cosy homes, so we can see them in almost all interiors. When choosing a comfortable armchair, the only problem will be that you will never want to get up from it. In the sofa shop, shoppers will find a wide variety of different types of armchairs. Whether you are interested in a modern double, red or pink children's armchair or a particularly comfortable reclining armchair with a footstool - the sofa form will surely have quality furniture that will meet your needs. When choosing an armchair, it is important to pay attention not only to its colour and design but also to the functional features - versatility for the user and the occupant. Armchairs can be harder or softer. If the armchair is with a pouffe, it will be softer, but others will appreciate the slightly stronger support. When evaluating the design, it is possible to distinguish the fact that classic, curved, rounded armchairs or modern furniture that maintains stricter lines dominate. Among the functions, it is worth mentioning an armchair with a rest mechanism (one that unfolds) and armchairs with footrests. Finally, the simplest practicality remains - the armchair will be rocking, double or single, leather or velour, round and yellow or high and white and so on. Order good quality armchairs on Sofaforma online shop.